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irpo's Journal

Inter-Region Patrol Organization
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A community dedicated to SaGa Frontier's patrol force. They somehow get the job done.
"Welcome, just a moment."

Hello, and welcome to I.R.P.O, a community dedicated to SaGa Frontier's patrol officers. As illusive dead as the SaGa fanbase is, I've decided to make this community anyway. I'll be posting plenty of things IRPO-related so if you like IRPO, or SaGa Frontier, then by all means, please join!


I hate making rules but boundaries need to be established. Please read these rules before posting.

All content posted must be SaGa or IRPO related.

Use LJ tags when posting. Go here for a list of suitable LJ tags, if what you want to post isn't listed under a category, use the misc. tag.

NO flaming or trolls, though I doubt there will be any. Be tolerant of other people's tastes and interests.

NO discussion of fanart usage will be tolerated. Furthermore no icons/graphics/banners containing fanart that is not yours may be posted, unless with permission. I know this eliminates about 90% of fan content out there but there are plenty of other graphics which could be used. Don't give me any legal loopholes regarding official art and what's considered free use, playing Gyakuten Saiban doesn't make you a lawyer, and I don't care. IRPO doesn't tolerate thievery, we're a police organization after all.

Feel free to make an introductory post. Interests, favorite characters, why you joined etc.

Please post fanfiction or fanart, under a lj-cut and use the following format:
Characters (if specific):
Short Summary:

Have fun!
Want to be listed as an affiliate? Please post your community here, SaGa related communities only, please.

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